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Ultimate Horror FPS KIT (UHFPS) is an advanced and easy-to-use horror game template designed to help developers create their own immersive and spine-chilling horror games. This comprehensive toolkit comes packed with a wide range of essential features that are commonly seen in AAA horror games, enabling developers to create a truly terrifying gaming experience.
Designed specifically for the Unity Engine, UHFPS offers an extensive collection of assets, tools, and pre-built systems, allowing you to jump straight into developing your unique horror masterpiece.

Continuous Improvement

This asset should not be considered as a final, end product but a stepping stone towards a more robust version we're planning. We're dedicated to enhancing it continually, refining features, adding new ones, and regularly updating it to meet user needs. Expect this product to grow, adapt, and expand in functionality over time.
To see what we're planning next or what's currently in development, you can check out the asset roadmap.

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If you're curious about how asset functions before making a purchase, feel free to download a demo of the most recent version.

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Purchase the most recent version of the asset, with the additional option to download previous versions from our website.

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