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We are a small creative and developer studio based on Slovakia. We specialize in creating top-quality assets and games for customers as a freelancer.


We creates a top-quality assets and games as a freelancer.


We have an great experience with developing and making games with Unity.


We creates an modern scripts, which are easy to understand and modify.


You can go to our YouTube channel, and watch our tutorials.


For web customers, we provide an Asset Store original copy of our assets.


We provide free lifetime updates and full support for our customers.

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Update 1.6.1 Released

Update 1.6.1 has been released. This update comes with a many new enhancements that makes the kit easier to use. For many scripts, I've added editor scripts that changes the appearance of the scripts in the inspector view. I also added a shotgun and firearms now have bullet trails. Inventory Database now displays a window where you can easily edit inventory items. The update also comes with preparations for the upcoming localization system.

Changelog by ThunderWire, 10.5.2021

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Update 1.6.a Released

Update 1.6.a has been released, it contains bug fixes for known issues, and some new improvements. Asset dependencies are also changed, due to new Submission Guidelines, I was forced to convert all textures and sounds to lossless PNG, OGG files, then I was forced to remove or replace some models that are not allowed to be redistributed, such as Mixamo characters and animations. To get more detailed changes, read the changelog.

by ThunderWire, 8.7.2020

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Update 1.6 Released

Update 1.6 has been released, this update comes with huge major improvements, which are as follows: we have added the most requested cross-platform support, a new player body model with a new player controller, a new ladder climbing system, cutscenes, objective events, breakable objects, footsteps based on texture, surface details with support for defining object surfaces and terrains, behavioral Zombie AI, Emerald AI support and much more.

by ThunderWire, 25.5.2020

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Update 1.5.3 Released

Update 1.5.3 has been released, this update comes with a few improvements which are following: we have added fully functional interactable VHS system, we have added Main Menu Continue button so you can easily load last checkpoint, we have added few new inventory features, we have fixed some Player bugs and we have updated asset to the Unity 2019.2.4.

by ThunderWire, 16.09.2019

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Unity Project



HFPS LOCALIZATION SYSTEM is an easy-to-use LANGUAGE SYSTEM for the HORROR FPS KIT asset. With this localization system integration, you can very easily change the language of the HFPS user interface or convert any Unity Text to localized text and define texts for any language you like. This integration only works with HFPS version 1.6.1 or higher.

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If you have any questions or you have problems with our assets, feel free and contact us. If you are a customer, contact us through customer support page.

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