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We are a small creative and developer studio based on Slovakia. We specialize in creating top-quality assets and games for customers as a freelancer.


We creates a top-quality assets and games as a freelancer.


We have an great experience with developing and making games with Unity.


We creates an modern scripts, which are easy to understand and modify.


You can go to our YouTube channel, and watch our tutorials.


For web customers, we provide an Asset Store original copy of our assets.


We provide free lifetime updates and full support for our customers.

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Update 1.6 Released

Update 1.6 has been released, this update comes with huge major improvements, which are as follows: we have added the most requested cross-platform support, a new player body model with a new player controller, a new ladder climbing system, cutscenes, objective events, breakable objects, footsteps based on texture, surface details with support for defining object surfaces and terrains, behavioral Zombie AI, Emerald AI support and much more.

Changelog by ThunderWire, 25.5.2020

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Update 1.5.3 Released

Update 1.5.3 has been released, this update comes with a few improvements which are following: we have added fully functional interactable VHS system, we have added Main Menu Continue button so you can easily load last checkpoint, we have added few new inventory features, we have fixed some Player bugs and we have updated asset to the Unity 2019.2.4.

by ThunderWire, 16.09.2019

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Update 1.5.2 Released

This update comes with a few improvements which are following: we have added a custom actions to the Inventory Item, which can be programmed, to do additional actions, when item value equals the trigger value, next we have fixed FPS Body Animations, changed chest model, added new few customizations, we have updated asset to the Unity 2019.2 and more.

by ThunderWire, 05.08.2019

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Web Purchasing is Available

We have successfully integrated a payment gateway to the website. For payments, we have used a Braintree Drop-in interface. If you choose to checkout any product, you will be redirected to a secure subdomain, where you can sumbit your payment. For any problems during a payment, please contact us at the email or with the contact form.

by ThunderWire, 16.07.2019

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Update 1.5.1 Released

This update comes with bug fixes and little improvements which are following: the main improvement is a upgrade from Post-Processing Stack v1 to Post-Processing Stack v2, we have upgraded lantern physics, the lantern now moves simultaneously using hinge joint, we have upgraded objective system and fixed some bugs with non stackable items, also we have fixed the bugs which was in last update.

by ThunderWire, 28.06.2019

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Unity Project


HFPS KIT is an advanced and easy-to-use horror game template with many features essential to creating your own horror game, including gameplay features seen in AAA horror games of the last decade. It contains a lot of ready-to-use assets, just drag and drop them into a scene.

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If you have any questions or you have problems with our assets, feel free and contact us. If you are a customer, contact us through customer support page.

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