Update 1.5.2 Released

Horror FPS KIT

Update Notes

Update 1.5.2 has been released, this update comes with a few improvements which are following: we have added a custom actions to the Inventory Item, which can be programmed, to do additional actions, when item value equals the trigger value, next we have fixed FPS Body Animations, changed chest model, added new few customizations, we have updated asset to the Unity 2019.2 and more.


  • Added Inventory Custom Actions
  • Added Few Customizations
  • New Locked Chest Model
  • Removed Camera.main References
  • Fixed FPS Body Movement
  • Fixed Zombie Glock Take Damage
  • Fixed Inventory Bugs
  • Updated To Unity 2019.2
  • Updated Documentation
  • Script Optimizations

Update 1.5.1 Changelog

  • Updated to Latest Unity Version
  • Updated PostProcessing to PostProcessing v2
  • Added Kill Zombie Objective
  • Added Lantern Movement Swing
  • Fixed Rigidbody Examine Bug
  • Fixed Radio Examine Bug
  • Fixed Inventory Item Bugs
  • Fixed BodyAnimator Jumping
  • Fixed Jumpscare Camera Shake Effect
  • Fixed Demo Scene Bugs
  • Updated Documentation
  • Script Optimizations

Update 1.5 Changelog

  • New Save/Load System
  • New Inventory UI
  • New Game UI
  • Added Objectives System
  • Added Full Player Body
  • Added Inevntory Shortcuts
  • Added Inventory Containers
  • Added Inventory Contex Menu
  • Added CCTV System
  • Added Cardlock & Padlock System
  • Added Melee (Axe)
  • Added Radio Object
  • Added New Fonts
  • Added New Examine Functions
  • Added New Inventory Items
  • Added New Showcase & Demo Scene
  • Added Interfaces (ISaveable, ISwitcher..)
  • Updated Main Scripts to Sigleton Class
  • Updated PlayerController Script
  • Updated DynamicObject Script
  • Updated ItemSwitcher Script
  • Updated HealthManager Script
  • Updated Object Interaction System
  • Updated Light Interaction System
  • Updated Floating Icon System
  • Updated Scriptable Objects
  • Updated Event Systems
  • Updated AudioZones
  • Updated Notifications
  • Updated Documentation
  • Script Optimizations
  • Fixed AI Pathfinding
  • Fixed Lantern Animation
  • Fixed Script Bugs
  • Removed SaveHelper.cs
  • Removed Old Scripts